“Hum On!” is a music application that listens to the melodies you hum into your phone and transcribes them into musical notations adding suitable accompaniments.

Convert melodies into musical notations!

Start the application and hum any tune into your microphone. Not only will Hum on! draw the melody line in real time by detecting the pitch and duration of your voice, it will also do the transcribing for you and provide you with a musical score when you finish.​


Add suitable chords and accompaniments for your melody!

A variety of instrumental accompaniments including but not limited to piano, guitar, drum can be added to enrich your melody. Try different genres or styles and select the one that best fits your melody.


Easy to edit!

Are you not satisfied with the output? Not to worry. Hum On! allows you to edit the music score with ease by offering an extensive range of options from changing individual notes to modifying the tempo, key signatures etc. of the whole song.​